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All facials use GUINOT products
Hydra Clean –30mins
Clearer, brighter, more hydrated skin. For all skin types.
Express Facial – 30mins
…for ladies with things to do and
people to see.
Steam Facial – 1hr 15mins
Deep cleanse facial, suitable for
younger skins. Concentration on
black head removal.
Aromatic – 1hr
The power of plants to make your skin more beautiful. A holistic facial using essential oils and plant extracts.
Eye Logic
This 3 step treatment will help eliminate wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
Age Summun
An anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm and restore the skins radiance in under an hour.
Hydradermie2 – 1hr 30mins
An exceptional treatment for radiant skin. Designed to restore your skins natural beauty.
Hydradermie2 Age Logic – 1hr 45mins
Anti-ageing facial, including eyes & neck. This facial will tone & hydrate the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles.
Liftosome – 1hr 15mins
Course of 3

For instant lifting & firming. A facial
specially developed to treat the
problems associated with mature skins.
Hydra Peeling

Radiance peeling treatment to erase signs of ageing, brighten skin tone and diminish dark spots.

Hydradermie Lift
A non surgical face lifting facial for
mature skins (30+).
Express – 1hr
Course of 10

Recommended as an intense course of between 8 & 12 treatments.
Deluxe – 1hr 30mins
Maintenance treatment after course of Hydradermie Lift Express. Can be used as a one-off treatment for special occasions

Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe – 1hr 45mins
The ultimate anti-aging facial.


eyes, ears,
hands and feet

pamper packages

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